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MobiWallet Final Event

MobiWallet in Brief

MobiWallet implements a vision where interoperability is no longer an issue, and cities can provide an electronic fare management system with unparalleled intelligence and functionalities that can be exploited by users and town hall officials alike.
Coupled with a Smartphone-based electronic payment service and enhanced travel functionalities such as personalized trip planning service, the specific pilots deployed across Europe will demonstrate the benefits of a unified platform that can seamlessly process the payment schemes of a varied range of transport operators.

MobiWallet addresses Interoperable Fare Management solutions - an essential component in the continued growth and acceptance of the use of smart transport and the smart city - through four key impact areas: Encouraging modal shift and facilitating ease of use of multiple transport options with a focus on handicapped or disabled users, improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption, enhanced and sustainable mobility for all users and improving cross border transportation capabilities.

Ultimately, the protagonist in any smart transportation system is the citizen and it is improbable that any Interoperable Fare Management system will ever succeed without their input. Mobiwallet will include the participation of hundreds of users in four pilot cities across Europe (in Santander, Spain; Tuscany, Italy; West Midlands, UK; Novi Sad, Serbia) and will collect and analyze their feedback to guarantee that the implementation of the technological solutions is well founded on the actual needs of the citizenship and that the solutions provided by these achieve the utmost impact in paving the way for the transportation systems of the future.



Start date: 01/02/2014
End date: 31/07/2016
Cost: 4,311,468.00 €
Funding: 2,154,991.00 €
Estimated effort: 592 PM
Call identifier:  CIP-ICT-PSP-2013-7